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The Coming Avalanche

After spending the majority of 2021 in a non-writing funk, I managed to put together a few thousand words in the late fall, early winter. It felt spectacular. The trick was a variation on a theme. The Page-A-Day theme. I decided to write something - anything - each day. I decided to sit in front of the computer for a short time after dinner. Maybe I'd be there for 20 minutes. Maybe for four hours. However long the muse was willing to pull up a chair and sit next to me..

To be fair, some days I wrote a few sentences and some days I wrote a few thousand words. In any event, I was able to gain some purchase and create some momentum. Which, of course, leads to the exciting news for the first half of 2022 . . .

Severed Press

During the latter half of 2021, the mental traffic jam was largely represented by a story I wanted to write for these guys. I have had great fun with Severed in the past, releasing both "Objekt 221" and its follow-up "Hell Island" with them. I was working on the next story in the series, "Project: REAPER," when my typing skills suddenly evaporated. The Page-A-Day method worked beautifully as I was able to create a load of momentum on this one. They are a tad ahead of "Coldwater," though, as they have the final edited manuscript of REAPER ... as well as several suggestions regarding cover material. Depending on how this latest installment is received, I'm planning on another story in my "time traveling soldiers fighting dinosaurs" tale called "Epsilon Complex."

The Event 5: Wreckage

The next Event collection is on its way. Soon. Kind of. A longer post will be forthcoming, but I wanted to mention the third piece of the writing puzzle for the first half of the year. I have finished my story, "The Swamp Man," and will patiently await the other contributors to finish up their tales. I know two of the other stories in the volume and am excited for the book to be available to our faithful readers.

So, that's it for now. Plenty of writing completed last year and plenty more to come! Hooray!


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