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Work History

I have worked as a legal marketing copywriter for more than a decade. In addition, I have worked for several websites centered on the videogame industry. For a full list of my published/produced works, you can visit this page

FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters                                              May 2010 – Present

                                                                                                           Eagan, Minnesota and Remote

Senior Content Marketer                                               June 2022 – Present

  • Provide direction, expertise and feedback to other writers by editing content to reflect client desires and industry best practices

  • Write and present topics to the writing team based on industry growth and trends such as generative AI, marketing storytelling and microcontent

  • Oversee growth and training of international content groups including Spanish, Manila and Canadian writing teams

  • Review and revise best practices and numerous training documents

  • Review writing samples, conduct interviews and onboard new hires

  • Redline drafts and provide feedback to internal writers, new hires and vendor partners

  • Act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in numerous areas for cross-functional teams and business systems such as WordPress content management system and Wrike task management system.


Content Marketer – Recurring Content/Paid Social                       August 2019 – June 2022​

  • Excel in a fast-paced production environment to write custom content including blogs, websites, PPC campaigns and social media promotions

  • Research and write complex topics while delivering error-free content

  • Use SEO best practices to generate traffic and engagement

  • Mentor both new writers and cross-trained writers across numerous product lines

  • Act as Content Strategist for Canadian clients and deliver all necessary copy

  • QA vendor writing samples and provide redline comments and scoring rubric


Copywriter/Content Strategist                                                         May 2010 – August 2019  

  • Interview attorneys and write custom content to their specifications

  • Work with designers and search engine experts to create engaging content such as websites, blogs, paid social campaigns and PPC landing pages

  • Develop client strategies based on customer goals and product portfolio

  • Review, rewrite and copy edit mentee and training drafts

  • Work on multiple deliverables in various stages of completion while meeting all required deadlines

  • Participated in numerous pilot programs designed to increase efficiency and balance organizational workload

  • Won numerous organizational awards including Words That Sell, Draft of the Week and the WMA’s “2018 Webaward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development”

Gamer Investments                                                                       October 2009 – March 2013

Staff Writer                                                                                                                                                                                              Online
•    Responsible for writing fair and accurate video game reviews across platforms.
•    Instrumental in developing current game rating system.
•    Responsible for writing well-researched and user-friendly content at the direction of the editor in chief.
Gaming Ring                                                                                 October 2009 - January 2015

Feature Columnist                                                                                                                                                                                  Online 
•    Responsible for delivering high-quality, self-edited content on a range of topics.

Social Media Promotions

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Industry Awards

In addition to winning numerous company awards (including "Draft of the Week" and "Words that Sell"), Steve Metcalf was recognized for his work for The Lampe Law Office with a 2018 Webaward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development by the WMA. 

Web Awards Lampe Law Office.jpg

Creative Writing

It's an unassailable fact that any creative writer you talk to has a folder (either physical or digital) full of "to be completed" projects. Sadly, these projects hardly ever get finished because a writer will generally move on to the next exciting story. Here are a couple projects that I hope eventually see the light of day, but, who knows ...? 

"Fallen Harbor" is a pirate story - a revenge story - about a group of sailors chasing down the kraken that destroyed their home.

Fallen Harbor page one.jpg

"Phoenix Hill" is a world-hopping adventure story in the spirit of Indiana Jones. Our hero visits strange, historic locales uncovering a dark secret.

Phoenix Hill section two page.jpg
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