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Writing is my passion. Whether it is a short story, a screenplay, a sitcom script or a novel, I'm always working on something new. When a book is nearing publication or is ready for purchase, it'll be listed here. I'll often update my blog regarding works in progress or speaking engagements. Read and enjoy!

Temple of the Spider God version 1 cover.png

Temple of the Spider God

A dusty, hand-written journal kicks off a deadly expedition deep into the jungles of Southern Peru.

The journal leads the explorers to the site of the ruined village in the shadow of a mountain - a hollow mountain with a colossal ziggurat inside. It is a temple built to honor one of the Moche religion’s chief deities - a building-sized spider known as The Decapitator. Once revered for its strength and protection, this colossal Spider is now a caged monster driven insane by centuries of isolation. The massive beast stalks the group through the cavernous temple, ready to torture and slay the entire academic expedition.

The team soon find themselves in a traumatic and bloody fight for survival against a horrifying creature from legend. Can anyone survive The Spider God?

Project Reaper Cover - Severed.jpg

Project: REAPER

The entire mission objective is only one line long: Search and Destroy. A team of elite soldiers are sent back in time through a tech-enhanced rift to arrive 100 million years in Earth’s past – the Cretaceous. The time of dinosaurs. Their goal is to hunt down and eradicate a swarm of genetically modified super-predators codenamed Goliath. Unfortunately, they suffer numerous casualties due to an unexpected menace. Project: REAPER.

Allied Genetics, a global corporate behemoth, had enjoyed several years of uninterrupted research and development in Ancient Crimea after discovering a time portal buried in the bowels of an abandoned Cold War military facility – Objekt 221. During that time, they performed experiments, surgical enhancements and genetic modification to create more lethal, controllable dinosaurs. After a violent corporate takeover by rival Precision Robotics, Allied had to abandon the facility, the rift and their genetic experiments in Earth’s past.

Following the tale so far laid out in “Objekt 221” and “Hell Island,” “Project: REAPER” focuses on the Damon Butcher-led team of Wraith soldiers as they travel back in time to hunt down and slaughter the remaining Goliaths. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that the deadly Goliath wasn’t even the worst experiment Allied Genetics had released into the wild. Enter the bigger, meaner, smarter version of the T-Rex that the corrupt corporation created in a lab. The Reaper.

Time travel. Corporate intrigue. Soldiers fighting dinosaurs. “Project: REAPER” is an action adventure you can’t miss!


Hell Island

It’s a simple rescue mission with one small wrinkle – the four scientists are trapped 100 million years in Earth’s past.

Four months after the events of “Objekt 221” an alarm sounds in the enormous Crimean research facility. Precision Robotics, now in control of the huge building and the time rift it protects, decides they need to send a rescue party back to the Cretaceous period to recover the scientists – abandoned in the time of dinosaurs.

Once again, they rely on their private army, The Wraiths, to gear up with the most advanced weaponry available to do battle with the vicious inhabitants of this ancient world. While performing a data dump at the research and observation station Facility Four – codenamed “Hell Island” – the rescue team begins to learn the horrifying truth about the four-armed super predator classified in many secret research documents simply as Project: Goliath.

Genetic modification, private military, abandoned facilities, dinosaurs, betrayal … welcome to Hell Island!


Objekt 221

Ruthless multi-national conglomerate Allied Genetics is under siege from a paramilitary force for hire. Allied calls in reinforcements and fortifies their crown-jewel property – an abandoned Soviet military facility in Crimea known during the Cold War as Objekt 221. Fortunately for the future of their research, O221 straddles a stretch of rocky landscape that hides a rift – a portal through time and space. Through this rift, Allied Genetics can travel, at will, to the Cretaceous – 100 million years into Earth’s past – and bolster their genetic experiments with dinosaur DNA … something their competitors want to stop at all costs.


“Objekt 221” is a story blending numerous science fiction elements such as repurposed military facilities, time travel, rogue corporate armies, dinosaurs and the hint of a super-ancient civilization.


The Beast of Trash Island

A group of researchers set sail for the isolated North Pacific to investigate a phenomenon that mainly exists in pseudo-science, word-of-mouth and Internet memes: The Pacific Trash Vortex. A swirling, Texas-sized island of discarded plastic and slowly decomposing garbage that was first discovered in the mid ‘80s.


Arriving at their destination, they quickly discover that the garbage vortex is home to many monstrous secrets. They are not alone and the expedition is soon under attack! The crew must face a terrifying battle against leviathans from the deep and gigantic insects if they are to survive Trash Island.


The Beast Of Trash Island is a deep sea thriller filled with action, mayhem, and horrifying mutated creatures.


10 Brooks Manor front cover.jpg

Ten Brooks Manor

Immediately after the airing of the most popular episode of King Paranormal Investigations - Coldwater - the team is visited by Violet DePace. As the niece of the recenty passed industrialist, Caleb Montenegro, Violet wants to hire the team to explore Ten Brooks Manor.


There is, you see, a hidden vault that her uncle, nicknamed Lord Granite, used to stash away bars of gold, property deeds and million-dollar paintings. If the team can succeed in battling the ghosts of the manor, they stand a chance of uncovering the hidden riches of Lord Granite.


Coldwater Revision Front Cover.jpg


During three seasons of increasing popularity, the ghost hunting television show King Paranormal Investigations has come to be known to explore dangerous environments. The team is Lucas King, Harrison Knight and Jeff Blake. Their three personalities blend well and make for compelling television.

When the team receives a letter describing a haunted mining town and the curse that has followed a family for 100 years, how could they not explore it? The team sets about investigating the paranormal happenings in Coldwater, California, with a couple guest stars and a potential curse.


Jake Marquette loves to draw. So much so, in fact, that he often sketches images while sound asleep. His affliction – somnillustration – has been a part of his life since a very young age. Usually, his sleep-sketching results in poorly-drawn landscapes, mis-shapen homes or unrecognizable faces – images conjured up directly from his subconscious. Last night, however, he drew a figure that shook him to the core.


The woman in chains.


She is a prisoner - dirty face, disheveled hair, torn clothing, chains at her ankles. She fears for her life and is quickly losing hope for the future. For the next four nights, Jake draws different images of the same woman, sketches of a pirate ship and an oddly detailed treasure map. Now, aided by two close friends, Jake will attempt to uncover the secrets of the woman in chains who is inexorably tied to the buried treasure of pirate captain Dutch Aceveda.


RESET: A Videogame Anecdote

It's a 3 a.m. gaming session fueled by Doritos, beef jerky and Mt. Dew. It's "let me finish one more level and I'll save." It's comparing high scores, levels and fatality button combinations before class because there was no Internet. It's the ability to lose your weapons, lose your life and save your continue by hitting the . . . RESET.

RESET consists of dozens of small chapters chronicling numerous events in the history of the videogame industry. Discussions include the importance of a faceless avatar, the creation of the game rating board and what is the real meaning of SEGA's "Deep Water." Designed from the get-go as a lighthearded, humorous look at the billion-dollar industry, RESET reads more like a friendly conversation than a historical tome.

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