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Theresa Hertling


Exceptionally talented, Theresa finds it hard to keep her creative side in check. When she's not drawing, she's painting, when she's not painting, she's sculpting, when she's not sculpting, she's teaching a Photoshop class. When she's not creating art, she's running an animal farm and raising a family with her husband, Ryan. Theresa has been known to get bored when her to-do list falls below 43 separate items.


Theresa has illustrated numerous covers for Steve including the KPI series and the Event series as well as the standalone novel Sketch. She has expanded her cover empire to include the first two releases by author D.T.E. Madden.

Soul Medicine group photo.jpg
Soul Medicine


Forged in the murky depths of 2019, Soul Medicine is a Midwestern-themed, Tallahassee-flavored funk-groove-soul-rock-inspirational band boasting four permanent members and a cast of dozens willing to jump in and help when needed. The band has a growing set list with original tunes rounding out a storm of old faves. Much of what we know about Soul Medicine is apocryphal at best, and outright lies at worst. It is up to you to determine which is which.

  • The members of Soul Medicine were not born. They emerged in a remote Siberian tundra, instruments in hand, to commence their primary activity of bringing medicine to people everywhere.

  • Their first recorded effort, "Hippocratic Oath" created a rift in the time/spece continuum and all recorded evidence is perpetually traveling further back in time. Our tracking sensors indicate that it is currently in the early 17th century.

Bob Miller Canada.jpg
Robert S. Miller


Over the decades, Bob Miller has been known by numerous names. Bob Walnuts, Bobby Four-Dice, Bob The Butcher, Smack Jackson. Usually, the names are linked to an unsavory past - events, associates or personas. Hardened on the mean streets of Small Town, Minnesota, Bob has held countless jobs that he has always left under mysterious circumstances.

Said Sheldon Willis, a former supervisor of Bob's at the Mama Francis Meat Packing Plant in Temecula, "I don't know what happened. He received a favorable performance review and a sizeable bonus for one year of dedicated service. He snapped: getting into a verbal altercation with the Snickers vending machine before scrawling REVENGE on the breakroom wall in red paint. Then he stormed out screaming NOT IF I SEE YOU FIRST, METCALF! We don't even have anyone on staff called Metcalf. The whole thing was bizarre."

Bob bides his time by teaching, writing legal marketing copy and penning slice-of-life short fiction. He was a driving force behind all four Event book collections and is busy revising several novels that he has written in his spare time.


Brad Perri


Brad Perri was found naked and babbling in a Chicago alleyway in early 1991. He kept saying "Leviathan reaches for us" over and over again. Years later, Perri produced a work titled "Believe Me When I Tell You I Am Now Lying" in which he attempted to describe the circumstances which led to that fateful day in 1991. The explanation was lacking, though, due to either Perri's black-out drunken state or the fact that he was beaten about the head and shoulders with a frozen waffle iron. Or both.


Currently, Brad works out his inner demons in the form of online comic strips. His most recent, Pirate Mike, has gained in popularity since day one. If you like to laugh, you should check it out. If you don't like to laugh, the humor of knock-knock jokes must be a painful mystery to you.


Rick Nair


Rick Nair trademarked the phrase "aggressive veganism" in 1997 and has lived on the royalties since. Rick refuses to acknowledge that he named both of his sons "Rick." He perpetuates the fraud by referring to them as Jude and Dimitri. When he is not cosplaying "The King" (Burger King's horrifying mascot), Rick fills the time by playing the drums and writing Internet marketing content. Once, on a dare, he attempted to do all three. The National Guard is still attempting to unravel the chaos that ensued.




Shale Nelson


Most of what we know about Shale Nelson is lies. He was never convicted of tax evasion in Guam. He did not write "Like a Virgin" for Madonna in 1985. He did not suggest to Ray Croc that he should open a burger joint. He did not create The Simpsons. He cannot kill a man with his mind. He did not trademark the phrase "aggressive veganism." What we do know is shrouded in mystery and half-truths.


Shale knows the five-finger death touch. Shale can hold his breath for seven minutes. Shale was born with six fingers on his right hand, but he donated one to science. This is a man to be avoided at all costs. And if he turns his attention to you, it is wise to run.

Brian Hogenson


Brian's seminal work, "The 13 Berries of Wisdom" has been translated into more than 25 languages. Most importantly, however, the 5,000 page tome has been translated into Fafnerian . . a language wholly developed by Brian. He believes it to be the "language of the trees." No one has yet to provide conclusive truth that Brian cannot, in fact, speak to trees.


An exerpt: "The seventh berry is called yangmei. Myrica rubra, native to subtropical climates, is a dark purple-red, edible fruit. It is said that those who eat a bowl of yangmei each night for 10 nights will gain the second sight. There is a tale of one man who rubbed yangmei berries all over a small statue of a squirrel. The next morning, the statue was gone, and the evidence of tiny footprints showed the statue had simply stood up and walked away."

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