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Works in Progress. Eventually. Maybe.


Every writer that I've ever talked to keeps a file -- either mentally or physically -- of projects he or she would like to complete. It could be a themed collection of poems, an interesting character or a setting for a story, or the plot of the story itself. Personally, I do both. I jot notes down and collect them in file folders. Some stories are closer than others, however, to becoming realized. I thought it might be fun to share a couple.


This one is probably the closest as it's almost half done already. Sort of. I wrote a bunch of articles for a now-defunct website called Gaming Ring. I'm collecting those into the body of Splashdamage - surrounded by a bunch of new stuff. It's been collecting dust on my computer for years. I might have to clean it up and start writing.

The House of Angels

This is the planned sequel to Coldwater. It would be the second episode of their fourth season. The team is drawn to a haunted orphanage in the middle of Nowhere, Iowa. The orphanage was shut down in 1958 amidst very strange happenings. Oooohhhhh. Spooky.

A Question of Character

Originally my planned novel for the 2012 NaNoWriMo, this was first called "The Problem of Eight." The novel will chronicle eight different people searching for "something." They all, however, are driven by very different motivations - greed, power, love, etc. The interesting part, though, is what happens when their stories begin to intersect.

Crisis Factory

The newest of the lot, Crisis Factory, would be the next in the Tales from the Inside series (following The Merchant of Time and Lot 23). It's hard to explain if you aren't familiar with the other two books. Let's just say that there's a factory in the city called "Inside" - its only purpose is to manufacture fear.

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