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Splashdamage & the Land of the Unpublished

So, the plan was to finish up Sketch and then finish up Splashdamage. Splashdamage, for those of you who don't know, was the planned follow-up to my first book, RESET. RESET, for those of you who don't know, is a book about the video game industry. I tackled such hard-hitting topics as "The Creation of the ESRB" and "Whatever Happened to Pauline?" That's just how deep I roll. The book mainly had its foundation in my retail work . . . with years under my belt talking to customers about games while managing the Mt. View FuncoLand in California, I thought I had enough to say to fill a book.

I did.

So, I did.

However, I also caught on writing reviews and articles for a couple different video game websites. In putting all of those articles out there, I amassed about half of another book. I think I'll take the time to finish it (tentatively titled Splashdamage: Random Video Game Musings) and put it on my bookshelf next to RESET. What do you think? Is there enough room in the crowded books-about-gaming landscape for another offering?

Sure there is.

Don't be silly.

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