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Curse of the Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid cover.png

Jack Madden, formerly a noted professor of archeology, leads a team of globe-hopping relic hunters to Egypt - the land of monuments, buried treasure, and deadly mysteries.

The team is bankrolled by a reclusive billionaire known only as St. Cloud who often sends them after priceless artifacts to collect and add to his personal collection. This time, Madden's team is hired to locate the remains of King Sneferu. At least three of the Dahshur Necropolis's rumored eleven pyramids were dedicated to this pharaoh ... even though his final resting place was never uncovered. A mysterious papyrus claims that the King was enshrined holding his most prized possession - a jewel-encrusted scepter made of gold and tipped with the remains of a meteorite that smashed into South Africa two billion years ago.

Starting their adventure in the Red Pyramid - something of a prototype for Giza's Great Pyramid - the team will soon face off against Nile crocs, deadly cobras and hordes of flesh-eating scarabs all while uncovering hidden burial chambers and avoiding the devastating traps hidden throughout the 4,000-year-old monument to the dead king.

Start your adventure with Jack Madden and his team NOW!

Boss Walnuts walked from area to area in Building 5 completely oblivious to the grim fog of death that hung fatly over the entire Paradox Iron complex. He walked with his arms clasped behind his back and an unlit cigar clenched tightly between his teeth.

"Let them hate me," he had once told a friend, echoing a favorite expression of Julius Caesar. "As long as they fear me."

                                                                                                                                                             - Paradox Iron

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