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Temple of the Spider God

Temple of the Spider God version 1 cover.png

In 1853, a small mining village is devastated by a chaotic force. There are no survivors and most of the buildings are left in ruins. The carnage is recorded, however, when a group of travelers passes through the area soon after.

This dusty, hand-written journal of the account, found nearly 200 years later in a college library, kicks off a deadly expedition deep into the jungles of Southern Peru.

The team finds the site of the ruined village in the shadow of a mountain - a hollow mountain with a colossal ziggurat inside. It is a temple built to honor one of the Moche religion's chief deities - a building-sized spider with the head of a jaguar known as The Decapitator. Once revered for its strength and protection, this Spider God is now a caged demon driven insane by centuries of isolation. 

The massive beast stalks the group through the cavernous temple, ready to torture and slay the entire academic expedition.

The Spider God demands a blood sacrifice.

Boss Walnuts walked from area to area in Building 5 completely oblivious to the grim fog of death that hung fatly over the entire Paradox Iron complex. He walked with his arms clasped behind his back and an unlit cigar clenched tightly between his teeth.

"Let them hate me," he had once told a friend, echoing a favorite expression of Julius Caesar. "As long as they fear me."

                                                                                                                                                             - Paradox Iron

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